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Hypnotherapy for Fear of Spiders and Snakes


One may think that the fear of spiders and snakes isn’t something that impacts us in our daily lives, with most of our time spent in urban cities that are free from creepy-crawlies, but this isn’t the case at all. Over 51% of the population in the UK is deathly-scared of snakes, while 41% of people are terrified of spiders. The fear manifests in daily life, making it hard for people to continue with regular chores or work if they know they’re in close vicinity to a spider or snake! Additionally, some people have such an overwhelming fear of the two that they cannot view any media that shows them. Similarly, unlike other common fears such as the fear of heights, people do not need direct exposure to the thing they fear to have an adverse reaction. Something as simple as a coworker discussing their pet snake or tarantula can send people into a tizzy.

Thus, knowing how adversely your fears can impact your day, it is essential to take a few steps to manage the way you react when exposed to what you’re afraid of the most. Before we tell you how you can do so, read everything else that you need to know about the fear of snakes (ophidiophobia) and the fear of spiders (arachnophobia).

Causes of Fear of Spiders and Snakes

Even if you’ve never encountered a snake in your life, you can still fear it immensely. The same holds true for spiders. Thus, psychologists and scientists believe that there are varied causes behind these fears, and one doesn’t necessarily have to have had a negative experience with these creatures in order to react to them with extreme panic.

The different causes behind these fears are:

- Learned behaviours: As children, we pick up the same habits and traits as our parents by emulating their behaviours. A fear of spiders and snakes can result in individuals who’ve had parents with the same fears.
- Media portrayal: Movies like Anaconda and Snakes on a Plane inspire a ton of fear amongst those who see it. While some members of the audience move on once the end credits start rolling, others carry the fear with them for the rest of their lives. Thus, psychologists believe that exposure to media that shows snakes and spiders in a terrifying light can play a role in how scared one is of these creatures.
- Hearing a negative story: Listening to someone else’s terrifying experience with snakes or spiders can contribute to developing a strong fear of the same. This is especially true when you’re listening to a story told by someone close to you, as you tend to put yourself in their shoes while doing so.
- Having a negative experience: Finally, one of the major contributors to developing a fear of snakes or spiders is having a bad experience yourself. Whether you were terrified by a snake while hiking or woke up to find a spider on your pillow, the fear stays with you for life in some cases.

Why You Need to Overcome

Your Fear of Spiders and Snakes Now

Symptoms of Arachnophobia and Ophidiophobia

Major fears present themselves with both, psychological and physical symptoms. In the case of the fear of spiders and snakes, the symptoms generally overlap a little, with the difference in them lying only in the stimulus they are reacting to.

- Lightheadedness or dizziness when seeing snakes or spiders or hearing people talk about them
- Nausea
- Increased heart rate at the sight or thought of spiders or snakes
- Shaking and trembling on viewing or hearing about spiders or snakes
- Shortness of breath or problems with breathing
- Sweating, especially in the palms
- Fight or flight response when encountering a snake or spider (running away screaming or freezing to the spot)

Apart from these physical symptoms, you may also experience psychological symptoms such as:

- Extreme anxiety
- A strong sense of fear (even if you’re only hearing about snakes)
- A panic attack (if the exposure to stimulus is too much for the individual to bear)

Impact In Daily Life

If you think that the fear of snakes or spiders isn’t serious because you don’t encounter these creatures daily, think again because they can definitely impact your every day life. Some people have such a strong fear of encountering spiders that they cannot even go to the park to play sports. Or even go outside in the dark because of exaggerated Others avoid valuable experiences like hiking or trekking, visiting the zoo, or living in a home that has a lawn as they fear coming into contact with a snake or spider.

While one may argue that snakes aren’t a part of one’s life, one cannot say the same about spiders. People with strong arachnophobia even fear living alone in their own apartments as there would be no one to call to trap a stray spider that may have wandered in. This, of course, is no way to live! Thankfully, there are ways to reduce your fear and manage the impact that it may have on your life.

What Hypnotherapy Can Do For You

Hypnotherapy is a strong tool when it comes to reducing our responses to stimuli, particularly the fear response. By working with a highly skilled professional to guide you through just one or two sessions, you can come out the other side feeling far more confident about regular activities such as a walk in the park or a trip to the zoo. During a hypnotherapy session, you can also find the root cause behind your fear and confront it in a way that makes you no longer afraid.

Do not allow your fears to cripple you and force you to make sacrifices in your every day life. Seek help from our team of expert hypnotherapists who can help you move past this fear and live your life to the fullest!

Get in touch with us today and bid your fears adieu!

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Arrange your free consultation to see how Hypnotherapy can help mend your mind and get a free ‘Down Time Programme’ (value £19.99)


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