Is Your Work Anger Really
Work Anxiety?

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Feeling Angry at Work? It May Be Anxiety. Here`s Why

Anger is a normal emotion that we all experience from time to time and it’s neither good nor bad. Anger, just like any emotions, conveys a message, telling you that a situation is threatening, unjust, or upsetting. It is a very powerful emotion that can be harmful or helpful, depending on how it is expressed. Understanding the right way to recognise and express anger can help you to reach your goals, solve problems, and handle emergencies.

You`ve probably been in situations before in your workplace when a client snaps at you unfairly when your co-worker and best friend is laid off suddenly, when your best project is canceled after months of hard work, or when your boss assigns you more tasks when you`re already overloaded. Feeling angry in your personal life could trigger reactions like shouting, or going to hide in a corner and feeling sorry for yourself for some time. But feeling angry at work could lead to behaviors that can seriously interfere with your productivity as well as harm your professional reputation.

Feeling angry at work is too common in workplaces that are facing staff layoffs, department changes, and budget cuts. It could also be triggered by anxiety. In this article, you`ll learn about why you feel angry at work and why anxiety could be the culprit.

Signs That Feeling Angry at Work Could Actually Be Anger Manifesting Itself

Your are sad

Being stuck is sadness is one of the most anxiety-provoking situations. Being sad might feel like a bottomless pit, or like there is no foreseeable way put, or like you might feel this way forever. And definitely, this would result in anxiety. It becomes scary when you feel sad and don’t know how or when things will get better. It makes you react angrily by lashing at your workmates as you try to avoid your emotions by being angry. However, that won’t get you to where you want to go.

You Feel Threatened

Anxiety creates fear in you, which then makes you feel threatened. When you feel attacked by another person, let’s say your boss or the circumstances surrounding you, your natural response is usually to defend yourself. At times, it may seem like frustration or shutting down, and for other individuals, it seems like yelling or throwing things. If you can take a breath, reflect, and meditate on what awakens these emotions, you`ll likely find that you`re perceiving a part of your life as threatening.

You Feel Embarrassed

You might be using your anger to shield you from feeling ashamed. Shame and embarrassment are some of the emotions that make people have anxious thoughts. You feel like maybe you`re not good enough for the position you hold or there is just something wrong with you - but shame is normal. Everyone makes mistakes at work or feels stupid at times, but you shouldn’t take it out on your boss or colleagues. Learn to accept that you`re human. Then forgive yourself and move on.

Excessive Worrying

One of the reasons why anxiety makes you feel angry is because it leads to excessive worrying. That excessive worrying is not so much related to the situations that trigger it but typically happens in response to your normal, everyday situations. Excessive worrying also causes a lack of sleep. In turn, that sleep deprivation triggers more angry reactions,

You`ve Just Underwent a Major Change in Your Life

Have you experienced a significant life shift recently? A department change or a budget cut? If so, then it’s very common to react with anger. Such experiences of loss leave you with a sense of powerlessness. You tend to feel like everything is falling apart or as if the world is ending, and whether you react by getting mad or crying, the emotions that triggered it all is anxiety.

Things Feel Out of Control

Whether its money issues, workplace troubles, issues getting along with your better half, or strained family relationships, no one enjoys not having control. Some people, however, have a difficult time accepting it than others. These things then build up and cause anger as we feel a bit drained when we can’t seem to get our stuff together. Think about what gets you angry. Then ask yourself how much of the issue you control. If your answer is little to none of it, then control problems might be the trigger of your rage.

You`ve Just Underwent a Major Change in Your Life

Having emotions of fear can make a person feel meek, and acting bristly towards those around you could be your defense mechanism. If you are already prone to feeling unsafe or scared, there are numerous triggers in your daily life that amplify your anxiety. Some individuals cope with fear by trying to show that they aren’t afraid or frightened and so they opt for loud and angry. Bit compensating for feeling small can’t work. The only sure way to deal with fear is to confront and work through it. This is what makes you really tough.

How to Stay Cool When You`re Feeling Angry at Work

Don’t Fight the Feeling

When anger kicks in, we`re often fast to respond by rationalizing, blaming those around us or trying to desperately calm ourselves down. Rather than jumping straight to intellectualization, first, reckon that your anger is legitimate and normal. Anger is an emotion that is deeply embedded in your evolutionary code. It’s how you fend off threats and danger off your wellbeing. When you feel anger kicking in next time, know that trying to simply fight it won’t help. Instead, find a way to release the emotion in a healthy, self-respecting way. Learn to accept your reaction instead of fighting it and that will help you calm down and free you to focus on your work.

Learn your Triggers

Anxiety is a common cause of anger but understanding who or what triggers your angry reaction is a key to finding a solution. Pay attention to the people and circumstances at your workplace as anger sets in so you can better anticipate and manage your reactions next time. For example, if a workmate pushes your buttons, take breaks during times when you are required to work together. This gives you space to disrupt any arising emotion that would crop up when they provoke you and will help you avoid any consequential reactions. None of us likes getting angry, so by understanding triggering situations you can keep calm, and collected.

Disrupt It

If your anger is about to boil up, one of the first things to do is find a way to fight disrupt the thought pattern that has been provoked. Also, physically disconnecting from the situation can be beneficial. You can take a walk, step away from your work area, or take a few breaths. Another technique that can help you manage your anger reactions is visualization. Picture the way you react to your anger, how you feel, look, and sound. Then imagine yourself controlling your anger appropriately, and addressing the situation in a constructive, calm way.

Focus on the solution

Try to work toward fighting your anger and not focusing much on what is causing it. While it might be easy and initially comforting to focus on what’s making you angry, it will not pay off in the long-term. Ruminating is destructive because it consumes the time, effort, and mental energy you would have otherwise used for problem-solving, leaving you stuck in negative emotion. To be on the safe side, focus your energy on what lessons you can gain from the situation so that you can move ahead in a productive way.

Recognize if You Need Help

If, after outing the mentioned anger management techniques into practice, your anger still persists, or if you`re getting into problems with your boss and colleagues, or hurting others, you need to seek more help. Seeking help from professionals helps you to meet people who can help you cope with your struggles and learn techniques to help manage your anger

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